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Responsible luxury travel

At Leviday villas, we want to offer our guests an experience where responsible choices and Lapland luxury tourism come together naturally. Lapland's sensitive arctic environment needs special attention. For our part, we want to take responsibility for preserving the sensitive environment of the Levi area.

It is our honor and privilege to announce that on August 2022 LeviDay has been granted an international sustainable tourism Green Key certificate. The work continues as sustainability is close to our hearts and soul!

Financial responsibility

We are committed to a long-term development work and use financial resources in a way that promotes environmental and social sustainability, as well as ensuring the financial profitability of the business in the long term. We use the services of local entrepreneurs, e.g. waste management, property maintenance, laundry services, snow work and cabin maintenance. Our procurement is done with consideration and preference for local suppliers and partners, as well as responsibly produced products. We want to be a reliable partner and a good employer. We are committed to the equal treatment and rights of all people.

Sociocultural responsibility

We actively participate in regional sustainable tourism development by participating in regional sustainable tourism trainings, projects, events and workshops. We train our personnel and cabin maintenance in environmental and responsibility issues and communicate our actions to increase environmental awareness. Our goal is to act as one of the pioneers of sustainable tourism in the villa rental business in the region and to build a sustainable tourism business with our partners. We invest in a responsible extension of the tourist season, with our goal being year-round, so that we can offer work to local entrepreneurs even in the off-season.

Ecological responsibility

We are committed to the national principles of sustainable tourism and activities promoting climate change mitigation. We strive to minimize the negative effects of our own activities and maximize the benefits in all our activities. We are constantly working to promote sustainable tourism by developing our operations and setting new goals every year.

We do environmental work every day, e.g.

  • By using a heating system that can be controlled remotely and predicts weather changes
  • We monitor water consumption and the water intake of showers and faucets is limited
  • We monitor and strive to reduce electricity consumption
  • By sorting and recycling
  • By using domestic, eco-labeled washing and cleaning agents
  • By following the action plan to adjust the heating and ventilation of vacant accommodation facilities and to ensure energy efficiency
  • We protect nature's diversity by keeping the yard area in its natural state
  • We are constantly training in matters of responsibility
  • We involve our customers in environmentally friendly tourism; such as for sorting, energy and water saving

Our environmental project

  • We monitor and strive to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We strive to reduce the amount of mixed waste by guiding and encouraging customers to sort
  • Promoting customers' environmental awareness and operating methods by means of communication
  • Our villas have a digital cottage folder in which we tell about our environmental work and encourage our customers to participate in it
  • Our goal is to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland mark of sustainable tourism in 2023

We have achieved Green Key certification

  • Green Key is the world's leading environmental label in the tourism industry. Read more here.